Towing and Recovery Professionals of North Carolina offers the following services:

  • Trade Show – Annual show with latest designs of towing equipment and accessories
  • Informative Meetings
  • Newsletter
  • Membership Directory/Statewide Business Referral
  • Membership Certificate
  • Towing Legal Guide
  • Legislative Representations
  • TRPNC Logo (emblems and decals)
  • Cost-Saving Membership Services
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Industry Training and Workshops
  • Discounted Rate on Crosby Equipment

Revised Mechanic’s Lien Process

TRPNC worked with the General Assembly to change the mechanic’s lien law to dispose of motor vehicles quicker and easier. You could possibly dispose of a vehicle in 30-45 days instead of 6 to 9 months. Need our help – please call us and we can give you the details, costs involved and how to start the process TODAY. (919) 876-0687 and in NC (800) 889-7118.

This service is provided by the Association to its members at a discounted rate. This service is also available to non-members. Please call us for details.

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