Labor Law Posters

TRPNC members seeking labor law posters may call a toll-free number to order the publications at no charge and avoid paying private companies for the information, N.C. Labor Commissioner Cherie K. Berry said.

Posters combine labor law posting requirements under state occupational safety and health laws, wage and hour laws and employment security laws. Employers are required by law to display the posters in their businesses where workers can see them.

Berry urged businesses to call 1-800-NCLABOR. The posters, which contain updated information, will be mailed at no charge.

Although employers are required to display the labor law posters, they are not required to purchase them. Some poster companies have sent notices out to employers, seeking to sell the information. Advertisements often ask for various sums of money — as much as $50 — for information contained in the poster. The ads often maintain that paying for the poster is better than paying the maximum fine for not having the poster displayed.

“Labor law posters are free and can be ordered simply by calling the North Carolina Department of Labor,” Berry said.

State safety and health inspectors supply employers with the posters during the course of an inspection. “They typically issue fines only if an employer refuses to display the information,” Berry said.

Other available materials that can be ordered include a labor law booklet, guides containing occupational safety and health requirements for specific industries, and a book and videotape lending library of safety training materials.

To order the posters, call 1-800-NC-LABOR (1-800-625-2267).