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Belinda, Telephone: 336-240-3608

Well known North Carolina towing industry veteran Belinda Harris has joined the North Carolina Department of Insurance as a vehicle towing, recovery and repair analyst. In her position, she will work with the state's towing and body/repair companies to address insurance billing, claims and inquiries. 

Some areas in which Belinda can assist towing and repair shops include;

  • Finding areas within the company that may help locate vehicle information faster and accurately - from the driver to the dispatcher and front office personnel.
  • Sharing time-saving tasks that will move the claim along rapidly if all information has not been gathered.
  • Preparing accurate documents to file a claim with the Consumer Division of the North Carolina Department of Insurance.
  • Assisting in filing the claim online or by mail.
  • Organizing a system to help keep track of filings once the Department of Insurance begins correspondence.
  • Helping to respond to insurance companies to maximize responses and receive prompt payment.
  • Addressing payment for services including off-road recovery and liability coverage.
  • Belinda has been in the towing industry for 41 years. She and her husband Dennis owned Ray Harris Towing in Greensboro, NC for 23 of its 74-year family-owned history. They sold the business and she retired in June 2022. Belinda's industry background includes numerous positions with the Towing & Recovery Professionals of North Carolina (TRPNC) and serving as its President. She is past president of the Women of the Towing and Recovery Association of America (WTRAA) and has received many industry awards including TRPNC and WTRAA Tow Woman of the Year and the Towing and Recovery Association of America's President's Award . She was inducted into the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame in 2016.


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